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Fields we protect

Abergavenny - Belgrave Park, Belgrave Road, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, NP7 7AD


Managing organisation:
Monmouthshire County Council

Further info

Belgrave Park is a 2.1 hectare area of public open space on the western side of Abergavenny. It contains a children’s play area and a football playing pitch used by local junior football teams for training and playing matches in the age range from Under 7s to Under 13s. The principle user of the football pitch at the time of this nomination is Mardy Juniors Football Club.
The field is also used by the local community for informal recreation purposes and the children’s play area is also well used by children from the local area.
The field is overlooked by houses on all four sides of the site and, in addition to the footpath entrance from Belgrave Road, there is a double gated vehicular access from Cresta Road used mainly for grounds maintenance purposes. The site is maintained by the local authority as part of the grounds maintenance contract.

Play Area Football Dogs Allowed

Field map