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Belmont Park, Cairnburn Road, Belfast, Down, BT4 2HR

Centenary Field

Managing organisation:
Belfast City Council

Belmont Park is located just two miles from the city centre in the leafy Belmont area of East Belfast; very close to the site of Craigavon House which was made available for wounded soldiers during the First World War, the hospital later became known as the UVF hospital. A line of bomb craters remained visible for many years in the areas of the Belmont Park; as a result of Luftwaffe bombing raids in Belfast during the Second World War.

Although constructed in the 1980's, the space has been casually used by many generations, offering the unique ambience of the countryside on the edge of the city.

The park encompasses a rolling landscape; the main attraction of the site being the extensive tree lined walks, surrounded by numerous mature trees and contemporary woodland, the site is of ecological importance as the natural and semi-natural habitats support a range of wildlife.

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