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Brittons Playing Field, Rainham Road, London, RM13 7AS


Managing organisation:
London Borough of Havering

Further info

 An open recreation field which caters for formal and informal recreation. It has: a Visitors car park, Playsite,Inclusive play equipment,Skate / BMX park,Football,Outdoor gym

There are three entrances to Brittons playing field:
Vehicle access
Rainham Road, South Hornchurch. RM13 7LJ.
Ford Lane, South Hornchurch. RM13 7AT.
Pedestrian access
Simpson Road, South Hornchurch.
Public transport and car parking
This location is not served directly by any public bus service. However, the closest routes are the 165 and 365 which pass along Mungo Park Road, where there is a bus stop opposite the parade of shops. From here the Simpson Road pedestrian entrance is just a short walk along Simpson Road and through the alleyway on the left.
Brittons playing field is served by two small car parks - one on Rainham Road, and another on Ford Lane.
Open Space

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