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Apply now for funding for your Queen Elizabeth II Field from the Fields in Trust County Fund

Fields in Trust County Fund

To apply for funding from the Fields in Trust County Fund please complete the below application form. Please note that unfortunately following initial meetings of the grants committee funding remains available only in certain counties in England. The funding available can be found by selecting an area from the drop-down menu within the form. Please read the funding criteria before submitting your application.

The first round of funding awards were made in early-February 2016 and the grants committee are meeting monthly until all funds have been awarded. Projects will need to be completed within six months of date of award.

If you have any queries then please email Jamie Grubb, Team Assistant on, or telephone 020 7427 2125.


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Please note that if you are applying for funding towards a capital project and are not the landowner then written consent will be required from the landowner before a grant award is made.
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Terms & Conditions
Please tick to indicate you agree to a joint press release with Fields in Trust and other media promotion of the project within reason:
Please tick to indicate you agree to provide progress reports to Fields in Trust as required, within reason:
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By submitting this form you indicate that the above information is correct to the best of your knowledge. Your application will be considered by the Fields in Trust grants committee at the earliest possible opportunity. You will be notified once this has taken place if your application has been successful or not. Please note that any grant award made will be subject to acceptance of terms and conditions.