Stanhope Park

Sanders Lane, Holsworthy, EX22 6HT

Protection Type Queen Elizabeth II Fields


July 2012 Protected since

Stanhope Park is an 8 acre park donated to the town by the late Earl Stanhope over 100 years ago. It has been used in the intervening years as a public park maintained by H...

Stanhope Park is an 8 acre park donated to the town by the late Earl Stanhope over 100 years ago. It has been used in the intervening years as a public park maintained by Holsworthy Town Council and used freely by the residents of Holsworthy and surrounding parishes with beautiful views over the North Devon countryside.

There is a pavilion in one corner which is the base for Holsworthy Cricket Club and plans are in process for a complete modernisation of this building. The cricket club continues to be successful in its progress on the field. Nearby is Holsworthy Bowling Club and it is just such a lovely scene at both clubs on those hot summer days. Many a rounders match also starts from nowhere!

Holsworthy Football Club who are next door in Upcott Field, and in particular their excellent Youth Football Club use the ground extensively for training and games.

Through 2013 into 2014, the new Play Park was opened which had been a design idea for over 25 years and wonderful to see it being so well used in all seasons. Holsworthy Primary School organised a competition to design a new sign for the park and this produced an excellent outcome!

The park facilities are also used by Holsworthy Primary School and Holsworthy College for both sport and educational purposes.The park is situated close to the town centre and is bordered by two housing estates and the school and college mentioned above. There is disabled access from all entry's to the park and a path that follows around the site. 

A new skate park nearby has also just opened and is receiving great reviews from locals and visitors alike. New benches were installed around the park kindly donated by the local Balsdon Trust. The users in the park just enjoy a short walk with or without the dog ,a long run, a cycle round or just a sit on a bench to enjoy the action.......there is no charge for any of that !

In 2012, Stanhope Park received accreditation under the Queen Elizabeth ll Fields Challenge and the plaque is proudly displayed at the gates. Another plaque is planned inside the play park.

A new sports pitch is also being created next to the park for use in 2015.

Recently, there have been increasing numbers of events held in the park and the 2014 Food & Drink Festival was excellent with a focus on Fields in Trust and the winning colour picture from Alisha Squirrel featured on the front cover of the Autumn Holsworthy Newsletter.

Holsworthy Town Council are responsible for Stanhope Park and have created a Working Group as part of their Parks Committee which focuses on all potential new activity and facilities in the park. Currently projects under consideration are the new pavilion, an outdoor fitness equipment facility for which an Awards for All grant has been received and other ongoing's such a great place to be !


FACILITIES at: Stanhope Park

  • Rugby
  • Wheeled Activities
  • Open Space
  • Multi Use Games Area
  • Bowling Green
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Softball
  • Croquet
  • Play Area
  • Sports Club Use Site
  • Floodlight
  • Play Facilities
  • Athletics
  • Hockey
  • Net/Basketball
  • Football
  • Pavilion
  • Outdoor gym

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