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Impact of our Work

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Fields in Trust protects over 2,600 sites. These parks, playing fields and playgrounds are safeguarded forever leaving a lasting legacy that benefits the whole community.


Your company can join us in safeguarding a precious national treasure - our parks and playing fields.

Fields in Trust is the only national charity protecting and improving outdoor sport and recreational space for future generations. Through our work we create a legacy for sport and play in all communities. Since 1925, our aim has been to ensure that everyone - young or old, living in urban or rural areas - has access to free, local facilities for healthy outdoor activity.

Fields in Trust protects and supports a wide range of sites including playing fields, multi-sport pitches, children's play areas, bicycle trails, nature reserves, country parks and many more.



Access to sport and fitnessAccess to sport and fitness

The local park and playing fields are where most children have their first opportunities to play sport.

Without access to outdoor spaces children are deprived of places to play and the sporting stars of tomorrow do not have the opportunity to find and hone their talents.

Our successes over the last five years have led to the protection of a range of sports venues, including:

  • 745 football pitches
  • 281 cricket squares
  • 56 rugby pitches
  • 204 tennis facilities
  • 105 netball courts
  • 27 sites with athletics provision

"Elite performance is first nurtured on our playing fields and Fields in Trust are the only national charity protecting outdoor spaces in communities across the UK. Safeguarding this is crucial to provide opportunity for young talent to develop."
Sir Clive Woodward, Rugby World Cup winning Head Coach, Team GB Director of Sport and Fields in Trust Ambassador




Outdoor recreational and green spaces play an integral role in creating healthy communities by increasing opportunities for physical activity, promoting social cohesion and improving the local environment.

The loss of green spaces clearly has a negative impact on people and communities:

  • People living more than one mile from a park are 27% more likely to be obese.
  • Health problems associated with being overweight or obese cost the NHS more than £5 billion every year
  • It is estimated that if the whole English population had equally easy access to green spaces the well being saving to the NHS would be around £2.1 billion per annum

Fields in Trust seeks to ensure that everyone - young or old, livinig in urban or rural areas - has access to free, local facilities for healthy outdoor activity.



Wylam Community Playing FieldCommunity Cohesion

The permanent safeguarding of a field can often be the catalyst for bringing together a community through a "Friends of" group, through which activities and improvements can be delivered with the support of Fields in Trust

"Fields in Trust protection has galvanised the community and really helped with fundraising for our park; as donors now know their investment is safeguarded too."
Norman McCarley, Friends of Brynmill Park, Swansea



Park View 4 UEnvironment

Our parks and playing fields are often where children first encounter nature. And for many it is the only time they get to play in a green open space.


East Williamston Jubilee Park and Nature Trail: Naturalised meadows, parkland woodland and wetlands
"It's a great little gem of biodiversity in an area of intensively farmed land and we know now that our efforts to improve this space will benefit future generations."
Ian Wilkinson, East Williamson Community Council



Park View 4 ULegacy for a future generation

Fields in Trusts protects over 2,600. These parks, playing fields and playgrounds are safeguarded forever leaving a lasting legacy that benefits the whole community.