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King Square, Bridgewater, Somerset, TA6 3AR

Centenary Field


Managing organisation:
Sedgemoor District Council

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The garden was designed and laid out in the early 19th century and the original square garden area served as a private amenity garden area for the regency style properties surrounding the square.

The original square had four gated entrances with a circular internal footpath and was rebuilt in 1924 with diagonal footpaths centred on the war memorial designed by John Angel. The garden area today was rebulit in 1994 to reflect something of the original style by Sedgemoor District Council, Somerset County Council and English Heritage with new stone paving brick walls, railings and streetlights. The centrepiece of the square is the war memorial erected in 1924 and unveiled by Lord Cavan. It features a statue of a mother and child representing civilisation. Beneath the mother's feet are characters representing strife, bloodshed, corruption and despair. In one hand she holds a globe of the world and in the other the Book of Law.


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