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Fields we protect

Little Aston Recreation Ground, Forge Lane, Little Aston, Staffordshire, B74 3BE



Managing organisation:
Shenstone Parish Council

Further info

The land on which the recreation ground is located comprises two parcels totalling approximately 3.06 hectares- 7.56 acres.The original play area is on land acquired freehold by Shenstone Parish Council (SPC)in 1991. Area approximately 1.268 hectares – 3.13 acres PLOT A. The balance of the land, now forming part of the extended recreation ground, was leased by SPC in 2005. Area approximately 1.788 hectares – 4.41 acres PLOT B. The freehold has been purchased this year. Management has been by LARGA Charity No 1051243 for over 20 years by agreement with SPC.  LARGA have continued to provide, maintain and improve facilities. Following the recreation ground enlargement, LARGA launched a major fundraising effort with facilities significantly enhanced in the last four years with new play equipment, site modelling to provide a level play arena, trim trail and planted areas, paving to access and parking area at a cost approaching a half million pounds.

Play Area Multi Use Games Area Dogs Allowed Outdoor gym

Field map