FIT response to published school playing field figures

Good start but some way to go

Fields in Trust welcomes greater transparency on school playing field disposal

Yesterday the Department for Education released details of school playing field disposals from May 2010 to June 2013.

This is a welcome step forward towards the greater transparency around this issue that Fields in Trust has called for and a commitment to publish this on an annual basis would be helpful in building a picture of overall school playing field loss.

This follows the great strides forward made by the Department in the November 2012 guidance review which included both a clear definition of ‘suitable provision’ and the requirement to reinvest capital from the sale of playing fields into sporting facilities that we had called for.

However it does not address the serious issue we warned of last year.  Until academies and free schools are subject to the same processes as LEA maintained schools then there is potential for a great deal of playing field losses to go below the radar and not show on these figures. The focus now must be on ensuring Government integrate applications for these disposals into the same independent panel process as LEA schools.


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