Response to National Planning Policy framework

National Planning Policy Framework includes several recommendations made by FIT

Fields in Trust is pleased to see that the new National Planning Policy Framework published today includes a number of recommendations made by the charity during the consultation period.

Specific reference is made to the need to assess provision of open space, sports and recreational facilities in the local area when considering applications which has long been a main stay of FIT policy. It also recommends that losses of such facilities caused by developments should not be permitted unless there is a guaranteed provision of equivalent or better replacement facilities nearby. The new NPPF acknowledges the value of recreational spaces and advises that Local Green Space designations - affording protection equivalent to Green Belt status - may be given in cases where the area is of recreational value to a local community, and that this specifically includes playing fields.

Alison Moore-Gwyn, Chief Executive of Fields in Trust said

‘We are all aware of the need for sustainable development and the need for this development to be managed in a way that places equal value on the importance of green spaces to this country. We’re pleased the new NPPF recognises this.

At first read the policy’s recommendations seem to achieve a sensible balance between support for appropriate economic development and necessary protection for playing fields and other recreational spaces.’