QEII Field shining example of community spirit

QEII Field shining example of community spirit

QEII Field given as a shining example of community strength for Parliament
Furness Community Organising Green Space, a vibrant QEII Field in Derbyshire, had its moment of fame in Parliament earlier this month thanks to local MP Andrew Bingham. Speaking on rural communities, Mr Bingham held up Furness COGS as a shining example of community cohesiveness and action.

"The village of Furness Vale contains a football field that has been close to the hearts of the local community for many years, but is not level and has had dreadful drainage problems. People have wondered what to do about that for a long time.
“Six years ago, some of the villagers got together and decided to make the field usable again, so that it could benefit the community. They formed a group called Furness Community Organising Green Space, or COGS, with the aim of turning a dream into a reality. They approached the local authority, the county council and me; they consulted local residents; they had plans drawn up; they worked out a budget; and they even produced a 3D model of what the field would look like eventually. As a result of their own tenacity and their work with elected representatives at all levels, an outbreak of common sense enabled them to keep their dream alive.

“Last June COGS was awarded £50,000 by Sport England, which provided a huge boost. Moreover, the field has now been granted QEII status, which means that it will be protected forever. Through its work, its fundraising, its energy and its commitment, the group has made a huge amount of progress. I am proud of those people, and I want to place on record my tribute to the way in which they came together as volunteers. That is the power of the rural community as we have seen it working in Furness Vale."

“Through the QEII Fields Challenge, Fields in Trust are delighted to have helped Furness COGS achieve their aim of an outdoor recreational space for the village to use. It is the determination and vision of groups such as the one in Furness Vale that help to make our vision – of accessible outdoor recreational space in all communities across the UK – a reality”, Helen Griffiths, Chief Executive Fields in Trust. 
Notes to Editors:
- Fields in Trust was founded in 1925 by King George V as the National Playing Fields Association
- During 2012 they ran the QEII Fields Challenge, aiming to protect outdoor recreational space as a legacy from the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic & Paralympic Games
- Furness COG’S stated aim is: “to provide a much needed recreational and sporting facility that can be used all year round”.