PLAY: Fields in Trust Scotland supports Scotland’s Play Charter

PLAY: Fields in Trust Scotland supports Scotland’s Play Charter

Fields in Trust Scotland is delighted to join many partner organisations as a signatory of Scotland's Play Charter.

All children must have the right to play as an essential part of a happy childhood - whatever their age, disability, gender, ethnicity, circumstances or where they live. We believe play is a vital part of young people developing physical literacy and recognise the value of play in supporting physical health and mental wellbeing and supporting young people to become resilient and engaged members of society.

All children should have access to a range of play experiences, including indoor and outdoor play. As an organisation protecting 254 playgrounds, parks and recreation grounds in Scotland we are particularly supportive of the use of local outdoor play environments. Children should be able to play near to where they live, free from traffic dangers in challenging, welcoming and interesting spaces. We recognise the importance of children and young people having daily contact with nature and are committed to an inclusive approach so that children with disabilities are able to participate in the same activities.

We hope partners as individuals and organisations will join us and pledge to support Scotland's Play Charter – sign up at

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