Peter Cabrelli - Fields in Trust

Peter Cabrelli

It is with great sadness that we announce Peter Cabrelli, Chairman of Fields in Trust Scotland until 2013, passed away on 12 March 2014. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Peter had been Chairman of the Scotland Committee for 10 years and had been part of Fields in Trust’s Council for more than 10 years. Our Scotland Manager, Colin Rennie, worked closely with Peter:
"Peter had a unassuming style yet was passionate and determined about preserving outdoor spaces for sport recreation and play. During his term as Chairman he met with a range of Scottish Government Ministers seeking greater protection for our important recreational spaces. We thank him for his immense contribution and he will be sorely missed by all."

Image - Peter Cabrelli (right of picture) in action for Fields in Trust with Colin Rennie and former Scottish International, Birmingham and Aston Villa manager Alex McLeish.