Gerry Ralph

Last week, the death was announced of Gerry Ralph, a former committee member of Fields in Trust Scotland, who was also very active in many sports administration roles including Former President of Scottish Hockey Union and former Chairman of the European Hockey Federation Development Committee.

Brian Samson, Fields in Trust Scotland Chairman said:

“I have known Gerry for many years; he was always a warm and generous individual who gave nothing other than his very best to all the organisations he was involved with. He has achieved much in sport over the years and gave of his time and effort unstintingly.

Fields in Trust in Scotland have achieved a great deal during the last 10 years and that was in no small measure to the contribution Gerry made as FIT Scotland Committee member during that period.”

Fields in Trust Chief Executive Helen Griffiths said:
“This is very sad news; Gerry gave generously of his time to our organisation for many years. Our thoughts are with his wife, their children and grandchildren”.

The photograph above shows Gerry attending a Fields in Trust sponsored schools football tournament held at Murray Park last year. Gerry is on the left, Fields in Trust Ambassador Pat Nevin is in the centre and Brian Samson FIT Scotland Chairman is on the right.