Fun days on Fields

Have a Field Day Goodie Box

Every Have a Field Day event gets a goodie box of items for free to make the day go with a bang!

The retail value of this is around £200 -that's £200 worth of goodies absolutely free! and you get to keep them to use again and again. You have to register your event with us to get yours! 

So what's in this exciting box:

'I'm Having a Field Day' t-shirts 

Yards and yards of ticker tape which can be used to mark arenas off, or as the winning line for races

Hand Clappers - also useful as fans!

Eggs and spoons for that classic race

slap bands - these were hugely popular with kids last year! Check out our flickr page for photos of people wearing them.


Some beautiful bunting, A4 colouring pads - why not get the kids to colour in their idea of fun on their field?

Kites, inflatable beach balls, sashes AND MORE! 


Thank you so much for our goodie box which will certainly make a difference to our celebrations on June 15th!

              Chris, Norfolk

 So make sure you register now!