Ten reasons to #LoveYourLocalPark this Christmas

Ten reasons to #LoveYourLocalPark this Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year, so to celebrate we've put together a list of ten reasons to #LoveYourLocalPark this festive season.

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1) Attend a carol concert

  • There's nothing more festive than attending a concert of yuletide carols being sung by a choir. Many take place in the surroundings of amazing bandstands in parks across the UK. Take a look on the park noticeboard to see if your local park is having a carol concert this Christmas.


2) See a rockin’ robin

  • That robin may look great on your big new 4K TV, but there’s no substitute for seeing one in front of your own eyes. Head out and see what you can spot in your local park this Christmas.


3) Play with your new Christmas toys

  • Can't wait to try out your new toys on Christmas morning? Your local park is a great place to get outdoors and active with your gift. Need a space to try out your new bike or to kick around that new football? Maybe you got a new smart watch and want to try out the fitness tracker.


4) Break in those new Christmas socks

  • Didn't get any toys from Santa? Socks again this year? No problem, get out into your local park and break them in – they're sure to keep your toes nice and warm!


5) Stroll down an avenue of snowy Christmas trees

  • The early bird catches the worm! Get out there first thing in the morning and if the weather's right you may be able to stroll through the perfect winter wonderland. Where the treetops glisten and branches are draped with snow, a little frost on the ground, and the sun just peeking through.
St Cuthbert's Meadow


6) Escape the family

  • All got a bit too much? Clear your head by escaping down to the open spaces and fresh air of your local park or playing field.


7) Or go with the family

  • Bring the family back together by getting everyone outdoors and into nature. There's something to entertain all ages at your local park, no remote control needed!


8) Walk off the Christmas turkey

  • Over-indulged a bit on Christmas Day? Don't we all! Head out to your local park on Boxing Day morning for a nice stroll to get rid of that Christmas turkey.


9) Go sledging

  • You never know - it may just be a white Christmas. If the snow lays round about deep and crisp and even, grab that sledge out of the garage and get sliding!


10) Build a snowman

  • Not the sledging type? Find a meadow and build yourself a snowman. Don't forget the carrot and scarf! At the end of it is the promise of returning home to conspire around a nice warm fire.



A park isn't just for summer!

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