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Our Royal Patronage

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"Fields in Trust really is a cause close to my family's heart" - HRH, The Duke of Cambridge

Fields in Trust

Since it was founded by King George V in 1925, Fields in Trust has been privileged to have the support of the Royal Family.

The Duke of Edinburgh was President of Fields in Trust for 64 years - it was one of the first charity roles he took on as Queen's consort. In the early years The Duke was very involved in the running of the charity and frequently came into the office. His staunch support took many different forms including particpating in fundraising cricket matches, opening protected fields and hosting key events and all helped to make a real difference.

Fields in Trust owes an enormous debt to His Royal Highness and it is very difficult to express properly the sense of gratitude and appreciation for all that His Royal Highness has done for the charity. Without his help and contribution the organisation could not have achieved what it has done if, indeed, it still existed as an independent charity.

In 2013 his grandson The Duke of Cambridge stepped into the role of President following this patronage of the successful Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge. The Duke, frequently accompanied by his wife, The Duchess of Cambridge, has unveiled newly dedicated fields, launched new programmes, and encouraged both landowners and the public to support our work.

HM The Queen remains supportive and enthusiastic about our work after more than 60 years as our Patron.



The Charities Forum

Fields in Trust is proud to also be a member of The Charities Forum, a collection of charities fortunate to have either The Duke or Duchess of Cambridge or Prince Harry as Patron.

Started by The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry in 2006 the Forum is a way to bring together their charitable interests, explore how they can best lend their support and to promote collaboration between the organisations they support.

The Forum has evolved over the years and now includes more than 30 organisations.



The Patron's Lunch

Fields in Trust joined fellow patron's organisations at The Patron's Lunch - the largest ever street party to celebrate The Queen’s 90th birthday and her patronage of over 600 charities and organisations. Ahead of the event Fields in Trust was featured as a 'Patron's organisation in focus':