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The Batters, Prospect, Corsham, Wiltshire, SN13 9AF

Centenary Field

Managing organisation:
Corsham Town Council

The Batters is approximately 1.5 hectares of woodland with footpaths running alongside the Great Western railway line. It links Prospect/Pound Pill with Brook Drive and is often used as a walkway between the residential area and the historic town centre. Today it is a wildlife area but in 1915 it was used by the Scots Guards for trench-digging and shooting practice before they went to the Front. The Guards were based in Corsham at the invite of Lord Methuen, their Colonel in Chief and the owner of Corsham Court. A newspaper report in June 1915 reported that the Scots Guards have 'transformed The Batters near the railway line into a miniature Front with trenches, dugouts, redoubts, etc, and carried out many interesting night attacks'.

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