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The Pasture, Hall Lane, Cronton, Merseyside, WA8 5DW

Centenary Field

Managing organisation:
Knowsley Council

The Park contains a play area for younger children, plus a new Play Pathfinder facility for 8-13 year olds, junior and senior football pitches and general recreational open space. In order to support the biodiversity of the site simple interventions have been introduced e.g sowing of wildflower areas, establishment of meadowland, native tree planting and installation of bird boxes.

The War Memorial and Stocks in Cronton Village is a valued feature locally and well looked after and respected by the local community. The Parish Council and Gala Committee felt it was important to commemorate the significant milestone of WWI and the Centenary Fields created an opportunity for a valued local resource to be protected for generations to come. The project will create a tangible link between the War Memorial and park which can be used by future generations.

Play Area Football

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