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Victory Park, Church Road, Caincross, Gloucestershire, GL5 4JE

Centenary Field

Managing organisation:
Caincross Parish Council

Victory Park is a beautiful open space situated in the parish of Cainscross. The park offers local residents numerous amenities including a well maintained children's play area, a basket ball hoop and dirt bike ramps along with two thriving sports pavilions.

After the Armistice in 1918 the Parish Council launched a peace fund and asked local people to give as much as possible. Mr Frederick James Harper recognised the need for a public park and his donation of £200 inspired others to follow his example and £1,000 was raised. In 1920 four acres of land were obtained, Mr Harper donated a further two acres and Victory Park became a reality. A German gun was mounted on a concrete plinth near the entrance park and a huge victory parade organised. During the Second World War the German gun was taken to be melted down for scrap metal.

There is a war memorial within the park in the form of a stone plaque listing the names of those who fell in the conflict.

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