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Thank you to all our Ambassadors for their support.

Clive Woodward

Sir Clive Woodward OBE
"My experiences as Head Coach of England and Director of Sport for Team GB have all shown me the huge importance of investment at the grassroots. Elite performance is first nurtured on our playing fields and FIT are the only national charity protecting outdoor spaces in communities across the UK. Safeguarding this is crucial to provide opportunity for young talent to develop."

Tim Henman

Tim Henman OBE
"During my childhood years having access to spaces to play and practise was extremely important especially with two older brothers who were also passionate about sport! I understand how important it is to provide children with an opportunity to try out sports and enjoy themselves. The work Fields in Trust does to protect and improve grassroots access to recreational spaces not only helps discover stars of the future but also ensures everyone can have access to outdoor spaces to play and keep fit."

Matthew Pinsent

Sir Matthew Pinsent CBE
"My particular sporting addiction has been rowing but whether on water or playing fields the opportunity to play with friends and lead an active life is central to a happy and healthy childhood. In the wake of 2012 there has never been a better time to secure the playing fields and sports facilities of Britain for the upcoming generations."

Graeme Le Saux

Graeme Le Saux  
"I was born and grew up in Jersey, where I had unlimited access to outdoor space, whether it be playing fields, parks or sand dunes. Without this, I would never have had the opportunity to have a career in football."

Geoffrey Boycott

Geoffrey Boycott OBE
"When I was growing up there were lots of places to play cricket. These days, with increasing pressure on green spaces, it is essential to safeguard outdoor recreational space. Fields in Trust's work ensures that we will always have somewhere to bat and bowl"

Roger Federer

Roger Federer
"I believe that all children should be able to play sports outdoors in a safe and fun environment.  No child should be denied this right.  Most importantly, competing with others is great exercise and a good way to make new friends. Fields in Trust are doing a wonderful job helping to ensure the sports fields and playgrounds throughout Great Britain are safe."

Pat Nevin

Pat Nevin
"A local space to enjoy sport is vital for all youngsters and indeed oldsters.  From those aiming to be fit to represent their country to those who just want to be fit for life, a place to play should be a right not just a desire. The work Fields in Trust does to protect and improve outdoor recreational space is vital to ensuring the future of the beautiful game."

Baroness Grey-Thompson DBE

Baroness Grey-Thompson DBE
"We need to encourage more young people to take part in play and sport and the work that Fields in Trust does to ensure that we have safe, local, outdoor recreational places is vitally important for future generations. "