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UK's Best Park, as voted by YOU! 2016

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Terms and conditions of UK's Best Park 2016

UK's Best Park, as voted by YOU!

  • In order to vote for your local green space to be UK's Best Park, it will first need to be nominated.
    • Nominations open at 9am on Friday 23rd September and close at 5pm on Wednesday 19th October.
    • To nominate, you will be required to provide the name and postcode of your nominated park along with up to 50 words explaining what makes the space special to you and why it deserves recognition. You are encouraged to submit an accompanying picture of the park.
    • Photos submitted must be original with copyright holder's permission for reuse. Submitted photographs may be reproduced by Fields in Trust online or in print in communications associated with the promotion and reporting of the UK's Best Park Award. 
    • Only the first nomination for each park will be accepted. Mass support is only needed during the voting stage and multiple nominations will not giveUK's Best Park, as voted by YOU! your chosen park any greater chance of winning. If your chosen park has already been nominated then please return here from 9am on Thursday 20th October to vote for it as the UK's Best Park 2016.
    • Nominations must be for a local green space - such as a park, recreation ground or playing field - which has regular public access. Regional and national parks, sports stadia and active cemeteries are not eligible for nomination.
  • The voting will open at 9am on Thursday 20th October and run until 5pm on Wednesday 9th November.
    • An individual may cast only one vote throughout the duration of the voting period. This will be facilitated via the one vote per email address principle.
  • In a change this year there’ll be a shortlist of four parks – the one park in each of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to have received the most votes will be shortlisted.
    • The nominator of each of the four parks will be invited to attend the Fields in Trust Awards Ceremony at Lord's Cricket Ground in London on Wednesday 30th November together with a representative from the park’s landowner.
    • The park with the most votes overall will be revealed on the evening and its nominator presented with an award on the park's behalf.
    • The winning park will then take the title of UK's Best Park, as voted by YOU! 2016.


Please note that a site’s nomination for UK’s Best Park does not indicate Fields in Trust involvement in the site or Fields in Trust support for any active campaigns surrounding the future of the site or activities on the site. Any misrepresentation of Fields in Trust support for a campaign will lead to the site being removed from the vote. Fields in Trust reserves the right to disqualify any site from the final vote if it has reasonable grounds to suspect the site’s nomination has been subject to suspicious or malicious voting practices. Fields in Trust’s decision over whether to accept or reject a nomination shall be final and binding.