Working in partnership with The Royal British Legion the programme aims to protect parks, playing fields and other recreational spaces in perpetuity to honour the memory of the millions who lost their lives in World War I.

Landowners across the UK are encouraged to dedicate war memorial playing fields and recreation grounds, memorial gardens, parks or recreation grounds that contain a war memorial and other valued green spaces that have some significance to World War I as Centenary Fields.

Local Authorities

By dedicating land through the Centenary Fields programme local authorities and other landowners can ensure valuable green space is protected as a living remembrance to those who fought and lost their lives in World War I. This dedication is aligned with the spirit of the Armed Forces Community Covenant and will be recognised by the local community as a clear commitment to the importance of these spaces now and in the future.

Sports Clubs

Countless sports clubs stopped play during World War I as players and entire teams went to the front line. By working with sports clubs that are more than 100 years old we want to recognise the sacrifice made by so many by protecting these sports grounds. Sports clubs must own their ground or have a minimum 99-year lease to be eligible to apply.

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