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Centenary Fields Criteria

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Centenary Fields

Find out if your local green space is eligible for protection with the Centenary Fields programme.


Fields in Trust are pleased to be leading a nationwide initiative in partnership with the Royal British Legion, aimed at securing recreational spaces in perpetuity in honour of the memory of the millions of people who lost their lives in World War I.

Fields in Trust has been in the business of providing legal protection for playing fields, play space, recreation grounds, nature reserves and other open spaces since its formation as the National Playing Fields Association in 1925. We currently protect more than 2,500 public recreational spaces, through legally binding agreements, for the long term. For more information about the protection we offer please refer to our guide 'Protecting Recreational Land', contact us by calling 020 7427 2110 or emailing centenaryfields@fieldsintrust.org.



Minimum Criteria

  • The Landowner of the site must complete the application form
  • Evidence of ownership, and where relevant freehold interest must be produced
  • The principal use should be outdoor sport, play or recreation. This can include buildings or facilities if the use is ancillary to the outdoor space
  • Sites must have public access
  • Sites should be accessible in terms of location and affordability for the local community
  • Sites should have local managers who are responsible for the quality of the facilities, maintenance and development, improving participation and financial and operational sustainability
  • The Landowner must be able to sign the agreed Deed of Dedication within six months of submitting an application
  • The site must have a tangible link to World War I, either existing or planned



Key documents required

In order to progress your application we require office copy entries of the register of title (or for unregistered land, the root of title). Office copies must be dated within the last 12 months to represent the current standing of the land. For registered land, copies can be obtained from the Land Registry for a nominal charge.



Next Steps

We will acknowledge your application within three working days. The Development Manager for your area will then be in contact to arrange a site visit and will support you through the rest of the process.