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Celebrate your local green space with Have a Field Day on Saturday 7th July

Have a Field Day

Have a Field Day is a national celebration of our parks and green spaces, taking place on the first Saturday of July each year. For 2018, Have a Field Day will be Saturday 7th July when thousands of people across the UK will come together on their local parks and green spaces to celebrate why they are so special to their local communities.

Have a Field Day is all about having fun at your local park with friends, family and the community. Other than that, what your event looks like is completely up to you! Perhaps you'll have a sports day, a village fete, or maybe you'll join others across the country enjoying a Have a Field Day picnic!

Let us know about your Have a Field Day event by registering it today!



Help with your Have a Field Day

Whilst what happens at your Have a Field Day is up to you, we'll still be there to support you every step of the way! As soon as you register you'll receive a link to a selection of downloadable content to help you take the first steps in planning your event. Closer to Have a Field Day, we'll send you a support pack through the post with some little goodies to help things go smoothly on the day, including:

  • Some bunting to fly on the day to let fellow park users know where your Have a Field Day is taking place. We'll leave every second flag blank for you to add your own design - a great way to get the kids involved and being Fields in Trustcreative before or on the day!
  • A tree spotting guide and bug hunt card. You don't need to get out into the wilderness to explore nature, there's plenty right on your doorstep at your local park. Who knows what you'll find!
  • Some posters to help advertise your event. Let everybody know where and when your event is taking place with our Have a Field Day posters, blank in the centre for you to add details of your event.
  • An inspiration card. Have you decided to host a Have a Field Day picnic but need some inspiration for tasty treats to eat on the day? Look no further!



Register your Have a Field Day

Decided to hold a Have a Field Day on Saturday 7th July? Fantastic! We'll just need a few details about who you are and what's taking place in order to get your event registered and your support materials on their way to you. If you're not sure on any of the specifics just yet then no problem, just tell us what you know!

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