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Have a Field Day goodie box

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Whats in the goodie box? Organisers of Have a Field Day events in 2016 will receive a box of materials to help with your community event.

Have a Field Day goodie box

To receive a goodie box simply register your event here.



This year we have four different goodie boxes.

An Easter selection, a Royal box to help you celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday in June and Sport and Nature boxes as before.

Every Have a Field Day will receive a Starter pack with items to help you with the organisation of your event, such as barrier tape, bunting and posters.

You can then choose one of four different Booster packs to add to your Starter pack.

If your event is going to have an Easter theme, select the Easter booster pack to receive some fun themed items.

If you're holding an event to coincide with the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations then select the Royal booster pack for items to help your celebrations along, including some special Union Flag bunting.

The Sport themed pack returns this year and if you're going to be getting active at your Have a Field Day select this booster pack for goodies such as medals and sacks for sack races.

The Nature box also returns and has items to help if your event is going to involve exploring your FIT field.


n.b. This shows indicative content - the specific items in your box may change as we develop our Have A Field Day project throughout the year.