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How to secure?

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How can I protect our outdoor recreational sites?

We protect land through Deed of Dedication. It's a robust yet flexible way to do it. The Deeds (or Minutes of Agreement in Scotland) are a legally binding document which means each Field is protected for future generations to enjoy.


How do I get a Deed of Dedication?

Only the landowner of a site can apply to protect it by contacting Fields in Trust. This can be any landowner including sports clubs, private individuals and local authorities. We have a regional team on hand for any questions you might have.


Protection Application Pack

To nominate a site for protection simply download our application form, complete and email it to us at or you can call us on 020 7427 2110 for further information. Protecting your site with us means it will be safe forever.


The Protection Process

The Protection Process


I'm not a landowner, what can I do?

Why not write to your MP and ask them to look into Fields in Trust protection for your local parks and playgrounds, or contact your local council to find out if they've heard about us?