Green spaces are good, they do good and they need to be protected for good. We call on MPs, MSPs and AMs to take the Parks Protector Pledge and you as constituents to ask them how they plan to champion local green spaces as your representatives. Our Pledging to Protect document includes more detail on each of the Pledge's six points and sets out how policymakers can work to protect, support and champion our parks and green spaces.


Parks Protector Pledge

Point One
Value parks and green spaces for their contribution to multiple policy agendas.

Point Two
Champion the important public service parks and green spaces provide locally.

Point Three
Advocate for policies that safeguard parks and green spaces across the country.

Point Four
Endorse the legal protection of my local parks and green spaces.

Point Five
Encourage sufficient and equitable provision of parks and green spaces for all.

Point Six
Support community volunteers on parks and green spaces.


The Parks Protector Pledge was launched to coincide with the 2019 UK General Election. We invited all candidates to commit that, as an elected Member of Parliament, they would support the six points within the Pledge as well as be an advocate for the parks and green spaces in their constituency. Over 250 candidates in more than 210 constituencies took the pledge.

Pledging to Protect Manifesto

Our Pledging to Protect document includes more detail on each of the six points of the Parks Protector Pledge and is available to download.


Pledging Members of Parliament

These 25 Members of Parliament either took the Parks Protector Pledge as part of the 2019 UK General Election campaign or have subsequently committed to its six points.

Mark Tami MP
Alyn and Deeside

Yasmin Qureshi MP
Bolton South East

Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP
Brighton, Kemptown

Caroline Lucas MP
Brighton, Pavilion

Sir Bob Neill MP
Bromley and Chislehurst

Daniel Zeichner MP

Henry Smith MP

Sarah Jones MP
Croydon Central

Chris Philp MP
Croydon South

Helen Hayes MP
Dulwich and West Norwood

Richard Thomson MP

Tonia Antoniazzi MP

Derek Twigg MP

Peter Kyle MP

Wes Streeting MP
Ilford North

Sir Ed Davey MP
Kingston and Surbiton
Liberal Democrat

Karl Turner MP
Kingston upon Hull East

Ian Byrne MP
Liverpool, West Derby

Pauline Latham MP
Mid Derbyshire

Lilian Greenwood MP
Nottingham South

Luke Pollard MP
Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport

Fleur Anderson MP

Clive Betts MP
Sheffield South East

Chris Loder MP
West Dorset

Sarah Atherton MP


For Constituents

Spread awareness of the Parks Protector Pledge and if you MP isn't listed as a signatory, get in touch and ask them to support it. The full Pledging to Protect document contains lots of detail to assist you in making your case to your MP for why parks matter.


For MPs

If you were elected to the House of Commons in the 2019 UK General Election, we are inviting you to sign-up to support the six points set out in the Parks Protector Pledge. To formally register your support for the Pledge please email us - in return we'll send content to help you publicise the commitment you have made as well as support you over the course of the Parliament to keep the commitment to your electorate by providing policy briefings, advice and evidence on local provision and the impact of parks and green spaces during your time in Parliament, in addition to our role on the Government-convened Parks Action Group. You can also download a copy of the Pledge that you can sign.



About Fields in Trust

Fields in Trust is an independent charity with over 90 years’ experience protecting parks and green spaces. We work with landowners, community groups and policy makers to champion the value of our parks and green spaces to achieve better protection for their future at both local and national level.

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