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Previous Funding Programmes

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It’s important to keep our protected sites in tip top shape so that people love them and make the most of them. We help site owners with this by providing funding for improvements.

Previous funding programmes have included:

County Funds
Available to all the sites we protected through the QEII Fields Challenge, we improved 136 protected sites with grants totalling nearly £220,000.
Projects funded included planting a wildflower meadow, installing pitch drainage and rebuilding an arson-struck clubhouse.

The London Legacy Fund
Focused on Fields in London, over £750,000 was awarded in 32 grants. Thanks to The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry and The London Marathon Charitable Trust Fields in Trust fields in London have seen new new athletics tracks, natural play areas and other exciting improvements to London sites.

"All the staff at Dickerage Sports and Community Centre and Park think this is a great opportunity for all age groups to participate in the great outdoor sport of table tennis! We would like to thank everyone involved in Fields in Trust and the London Marathon Charitable Trust who made this possible"
Steve Hunt, Centre Manager.

The Surrey Legacy Fund
In early 2014 the funding was extended to protected sites in Surrey. Twenty nine sites received funding totalling nearly a quarter of a million pounds.

The Inclusion Fund
This fund aimed to help fields increase their accessibility so everyone could enjoy their local protected sites. In two rounds of funding, £140,000 was given to 13 sites.

The QEII Fields Fund, from SITA Trust
Our partnership with SITA Trust meant QEII Fields could apply to a pot of over £1 million for improvements. In total over £1,816,748 was awarded to 97 sites.

"Prees Cricket and Recreation Club are extremely grateful for the generous grant of nearly £25,000 towards the renewal of our all weather cricket pitch. Our old pitch was in such a dangerous condition that we were at risk of having to cancel our cricket but with this help we can now renew the pitch. This not only means we can continue to play with our existing teams but are hoping to start another under 13 side this year,” said Brian Hughes, Secretary, Prees Cricket and Recreation Club.