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Success stories

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Please view the case studies below to see how our funding has helped rejuvenate local fields:




Baschurch Playground, Shropshire

Owned by: Baschurch Playground Trust
Succesful applicant: £2,500 for new play equipment
Baschurch Playground Trust was among the first in Shropshire to take advantage of the funding available through the QEII Fields Challenge. They had been planning to redevelop their playground; protecting the site under the QEII Fields Challenge was a vital step towards doing this.

Deerswood Park


Deerswood Park, Bristol

Owned by South Gloucestershire Council
Successful applicant: £24,507 to refurbish a children’s play area
The play area was awarded £24,507 by the QEII Fields Major Works Fund to refurbish the children’s play area. New equipment includes a wheelchair accessible roundabout, stepping pods and balance beam, new cradle swings, refurbishment of the toddler’s unit and a beautiful new climbing frame.



Riverside Park, Perth

Owned by: Perth and Kinross Council
Successful applicant: £6,500 Scottish QE Fund to rediscover hidden gem
Local school children, in partnership with Perth and Kinross Council chose the site for a Community Challenge project. They embarked on clearing the site as well as recording historical information uncovered during their work.

Fretherne with Saul & Framilode


Fretherne with Saul & Framilode Playing Field, Gloucestershire

Owned by: Fretherne with Saul & Framilode Village Hall & Playing Field Charity
Successful applicant: £1,000 for new children’s play equipment
In the second round of QEII Fields County Funds, Fretherne with Saul & Framilode Village Hall and Playing Field Charity applied successfully for funding to rejuvenate and expand the children’s play equipment on their site.

Streatley Gate


Streatley Meadows, Berkshire

Owned by: Heart of Streatley Charitable Trust
In the first round of QEII Fields County Funds, Heart of Streatley Charitable Trust were successful in their application for funding. It was to the borders of the site that the Heart of Streatley Charitable Trust first turned their attention, receiving £3000 from the QEII Fields Funds for fencing, access gates and specialist repairs to their 17th century flint wall.


Town Lane Field


Town Lane Field, Lancashire

Owned by: Heskin Parish Council
Successful applicant: £1,000 for a wildflower meadow, disabled access, a footpath, new benches
Funding from Fields in Trust has enabled their local space to be improved and a focus for the community to enjoy. It will also be a valuable tool for children to learn to appreciate the natural environment and hopefully recapture the joy of the British Countryside at its best.



Furness Vale Playing Field, Derbyshire

Owned by: High Peak Borough Council
Successful applicant: £1,000 QEII County Grants seed funding to kick-start regeneration of field
In 2011 they realised the QEII Fields Challenge not only meant that all the community’s hard work on their local space would never be lost, they could also access over £1million in funds available exclusively for QEII Fields. Every year they have a Field Day at which all local groups exhibit or provide entertainment.