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CHAMPION: Sharing the stories of spaces which have been #notjust a park in 2020

27th November 2020

In our latest staff blog Helen Griffiths introduces how we are collaborating with our good friends at parkrun to celebrate the many ways parks have been valuable to us this year and explore how they are #notjust green and pleasant nice-to-haves.

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POLICY: What do the 2019 General Election manifestos say about parks and green spaces?

29th November 2019

We examine what the political party manifestos for the 2019 UK General Election tell us about a future government’s approach to parks and green spaces.

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PARTNERS: Supporting the Groundwork Community Awards

22nd November2019

Fields in Trust were pleased to sponsor the Best Community Group Contribution to Sport or Physical Activity category at the Groundwork Community Awards, presented this week.

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ORGANISED SPORT IN PARKS: Top tips for joining organised sport in your local park

18th August 2019

As our Summer of Parks week on organised sport in parks concludes we take a look at some tips if you're wanting to try out a new sport at your local park or green space.

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SUMMER OF PARKS: "A world of good"

8th July 2019

As our Summer of Parks continues we welcome a blog from Parks and Green Spaces Minister Rishi Sunak MP, who reflects on Have a Field Day, UK's Best Park and current developments within the parks and green spaces sector.

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COMMENT: Parks and Green Spaces - an invaluable asset?

18th February 2019

In the latest of our Fields in Trust staff blogs, Policy Manager Alison McCann responds to the announcement by Secretary of State, James Brokenshire MP of £13M in additional funding for parks and green spaces.

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POLICY: Valuation in Practice

7th December 2018

In the latest of our Fields in Trust staff blogs, Policy Manager Alison McCann reflects on our commissioned piece of research, Revaluing Parks and Green Spaces, from earlier this year.

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COMMENT: Prevention is better than cure

6th November 2018

Alison McCann responds to the publication of the new NHS strategy which focuses on prevention.

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COMMENT: Budget 2018 - investing in our parks and green spaces

26th October 2018

In our latest staff blog Fields in Trust's Policy Manager, Alison McCann, looks ahead to Monday's Budget statement and the importance of supporting parks and green spaces to achieve multiple policy agendas.

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PROTECT: Parks protected in perpetuity to support community activities

21st September 2018

Four UK parks are set to benefit from £100,000 of investment which will encourage local people to get active in their local park. Capital grants from The London Marathon Charitable Trust have been awarded through the Active Spaces programme.

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COMMENT: Creating a healthy, happy environment to live

14th September 2018

Frequent use of parks and green spaces is good for you, fact. But how many of us visit these free to use spaces on a regular basis?

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POLICY: Don’t let the sun set on our parks

22nd June2018

On the first day of summer, the UK's political leaders were asked to champion the UK's parks and green spaces.

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RESEARCH: New research shows UK parks and green spaces generate over £34 billion of health and wellbeing benefits

7th May 2018

New research from Fields in Trust demonstrate that parks and green spaces across the United Kingdom provide people with over £34 billion of health and wellbeing benefits.

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COMMENT: Parks positively contributing to our health and wellbeing

14th October 2017

As voting opens for the UK's Best Park award, Fields in Trust Chief Executive, Helen Griffiths, discusses how our parks and green spaces positively impact our health and wellbeing.

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ACTIVE SPACES: King's Lynn's River Lane Sports Pitches protected forever

22nd September2017

An area of public open space at Lynnsport has been protected by Fields in Trust as part of the Active Spaces programme. The programme secures recreational land development in perpetuity and supports community use of the site.

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ACTIVE SPACES: Belfast’s Cregagh Green first to benefit from London Marathon Charitable Trust funding

14th August 2017

East Belfast's Cregagh Green is the first project in the UK to be awarded funding by the London Marathon Charitable Trust (LMCT) as part of the Active Spaces programme.

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RESEARCH: Visit your local park this weekend - you'll feel healthier and happier as a result

6th July 2017

The Fields in Trust submission to last year's Parliamentary Inquiry into the Future of Public Parks called for a change in the way public green space is conceived.

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ACTIVE SPACES: Creating opportunities for women to get active

22nd June2017

In the latest in our series of blogs, Fields in Trust's Head of Programmes, Angela Lewis, writes for International Women's Day about getting more women and girls involved in sport.

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FIELDS: New Active Spaces partnership will protect open spaces and tackle physical inactivity across the UK

22nd May2017

A new Fields in Trust protection programme will create a legacy of 50 permanently safeguarded outdoor spaces across the UK and tackle physical inactivity.

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POLICY: Fields in Trust welcomes new API report into playgrounds

13th April 2017

Fields in Trust welcomes a new report from the Association of Play Industries (API) into the state of England's playgrounds and supports calls for increased investment that will positively impact the health and wellbeing of children and young people.

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