Fields in Trust

Woodstock Studios
36 Woodstock Grove
W12 8LE
T: 020 7427 2110


Press and media

If you have a press or media enquiry, please refer to our media spokespeople page or use the contact details below. (NB for general enquiries please email

Richard McKeever

Richard McKeever
Communications Manager
Phone: 020 7427 2117
Mobile: 07940 072 832

Griffiths Helen

Helen Griffiths 
Chief Executive
Phone: 020 7427 2112
Mobile: 07946 188 371

Logo and Branding

If you need to include a Fields in Trust logo on your website, or in a printed publication, please get in touch with an indication of the use and audience.

Knowledge Base

If you have a general query about protection or field management the answer might already be contained within our searchable online Knowledge Base.