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...general park management, a pitch booking or maintenance query about a protected space, or about a green space which is under threat from development?

You may be able to find an answer to your query more quickly elsewhere on our website. Please check the resources below before completing the contact form to see if support is already available online.

Knowledge Base
We have answers to many common park management and maintenance queries available in our Knowledge Base.

Protected Spaces
Queries about pitch booking or maintenance on protected spaces should be directed to the managing organisation. Use our Fields Finder to discover who to contact.

Spaces Under Threat
If your local park is under threat from development then Watch This Space provides advice and information to help those campaigning against a threat.



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You can get in contact with our team by completing the contact form below. Please ensure you include sufficient detail to allow us to assist with your query, including the name of the protected space it relates to if relevant. You will receive on-screen confirmation that your query has been received and our team will get back to you are soon as we are able, in standard cases within five working days. Please note that submitting the same enquiry multiple times will not increase the speed at which we are able to respond to you.

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You can write to us at Woodstock Studios, 36 Woodstock Grove, London, W12 8LE.


Media enquiries

If you have a media enquiry or would like to arrange an interview with a Fields in Trust spokesperson, please complete the form above selecting 'Media enquiry' as the topic, or alternatively visit our Media Spokespeople page for more information.