As part of this protection, we have a responsibility to ensure these locally owned and managed spaces seek our consent to undertake any changes regarding land ownership, land transactions, erection of buildings and structures and that proposed changes fit with the purpose of the protected space and benefit its recreational use.

When is consent required?

To establish whether Fields in Trust’s consent is required for a specific change you should first check the legal documents relating to the space. They may include Governing Instruments, conveyances, transfer documents, deeds and Land Registry office copy entries. These documents will provide the basis and justification for seeking any consents from Fields in Trust. You should consider whether you wish to seek independent legal advice.

The majority of matters requiring our consent fall into the categories below:

  • Granting of a lease for example to a local sports club
  • Release or transfer of land
  • Granting of an interest such as a wayleave, easement or servitude or certain rights of entry
  • Revisions to existing buildings, new building or structures, including car parks
How is consent obtained?

At the outset of the process we require our Heads of Terms document to be completed and signed by an authorised person in your organisation, and then we will need full details about your proposal on our Field Change Request application form.

How are decisions taken?

Fields Change Requests are reviewed monthly and the Executive have delegated authority to respond to certain types of requests. Most cases are reviewed by our Land and Planning Committee which is a representative group of Trustees with the greatest relevant experience. The Fields in Trust Scotland and Cymru Committees have responsibility for these decisions in the devolved nations. We reserve the right to refer any application to full Council who meet on a quarterly basis.

Fields Change Request Forms

You can download the forms here (last updated February 2018):

Please read the guidance notes fully when completing your application. In the majority of applications we will require various supporting documents so please ensure you provide them with your application or this could delay the process.

If you require any further information please email


Guidance: Fields in Trust benchmark Guidance for Outdoor Sport and Play

Knowledge Base: Our self-service online library of information

Protect: Fields in Trust protects parks and green spaces in perpetuity