Donations received by Fields in Trust have the power to transform landscapes, protect green spaces and improve community wellbeing. We already protect over 2,800 spaces across the UK, with your help we will reach our goal to protect a park or green space within a ten-minute walk of 75% of the UK population by 2022.

Have a Field Day:
Host a party or a picnic in your park this summer

Challenge Events:
Take on a challenge event such as the London Marathon

Hold an Event:
Support our work and have fun at the same time


A to Z of fundraising ideas

Need a bit of inspiration for what you can do to raise money to support our work and make a difference in protecting parks and green spaces for good? We've got 26 ideas to help you get started - one for each letter of the alphabet!

All Day Challenge
Get sponsored to do an activity for a whole day!

Birthday Donation
If you can't go out to celebrate or your family or friends can't come over to join you on your day, why not invite them to make a donation in your name? You can set up a Facebook fundraiser for Fields in Trust.

Challenge Your Children
Set the children a task and sponsor them for it. It could be doing something sporty in their local park or work with their friends on a litter pick.

Donate the Difference
Donate the cost of your commute, coffee, lunch or any other daily savings from not working at the office. Easy!

Eco Pledge
Get people to sponsor you for giving up something to be more environmentally friendly, for example to live without plastic or your car journey to the shops!

Fitness for Fundraising
Whether you're a fitness fanatic or someone that swerves the monthly gym pass, everyone can use fitness to raise money to protect their park or green space for good!

Garden Party
Host a fancy garden party at home and invite your friends and family to attend for a small fee or sell food and drinks at the party to guests - it's up to you!

Have a Field Day
On the first Saturday in July each year encourage your friends and family to celebrate their local parks and green spaces by joining in with Have a Field Day and donate to Fields in Trust.

Indoor Games Night
Invite some people round for a good old-fashioned board games night - winner clears up and donates the proceeds to Fields in Trust!

Jeans at Work Day
Get your colleagues involved. Pay a pound and wear your jeans.

Keep Fit Workout Session
Donate the usual cost of a keep fit lesson - get your local gym or sports centre involved and host a run around your local park.

Lunch and Learn Day
Get your friends or colleagues together, organise a lunch and learn why parks are so important to each other in exchange for a donation.

My Marathon
This is your marathon, your way. Challenge yourself to run, walk or cycle 26.2 miles at your own pace, in a safe space over a time period that works for you. Are you up for the challenge?

Nature Trail
Educate your friends and ask for donations to Fields in Trust at the end.

Office Olympics
If you're allowed organise an afternoon of office olympics in your local park and charge people to take part. Get some wacky games together and prizes for winners to get them on board.

Physical Challenge
Set yourself a physical challenge. How about working out the distance to the protected parks nearby and running or cycling the miles? Or for every £1 donated, complete a certain number of laps of your nearest park.

Quiz Night
Get your friends together and host a quiz night. Charge for entry and see who is the smartest.

Remote Working
Donate the cost of your commute, coffee, lunch or any other daily savings from not working at the office.

Spare Change Challenge
Collect all the spare change lying round the house or from staff in the office and donate the total to Fields in Trust.

Tea Party
Host a tea party for your friends and family and ask for donations.

UK's Best Park
Nominate and vote for your favourite local green space to be crowned UK's Best Park and support Fields in Trust with an online donation.

Make a video explaining why you are fundraising and why parks and green spaces are so important to you.

Whether it's close to home or further afield, you could try a sponsored walk, hike or trek.

X Marks the Spot
Organise a treasure hunt in your local park for people to solve - you can make it as quirky and as interesting as you like! Charge a participation fee and use that towards your fundraising goal.

If you're a self-confessed yoga bunny, why not run your own yoga class online and ask your pupils to contribute a small fee for taking part?

Challenge yourself to hang underneath a downward-sloping rope, and soar over scenic landscapes. Don't forget the sponsorship from others too!


Once you've completed your fundraiser you can donate what you've raised here. Thank you for your support!


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