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Our Green Space Index is a data tool designed to illustrate how well each of us are served by our local parks and green spaces with data for every neighbourhood.





Over 6.1 million people in Great Britain do not have a park or green space within an accessible ten-minute walk from home, with the total provision of green spaces expected to decline substantially by 2033.

With a growing population we estimate that 4,000 new local green spaces in a variety of sizes and functions would need to be created by 2033 just to maintain current provision levels.

We continue to lobby for policy change that puts peoples' health and wellbeing at the forefront of Planning reforms and make sure more neighbourhoods have walkable access to quality green space.






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The Index is already being used across national and local government to inform research and policy implementation. It has also informed strategic decisions by Liverpool City Council, City of Edinburgh Council and the County Borough of Wrexham to protect green spaces for good.

For more information on the Green Space Index read our frequently asked questions.

Our technical notes contain more detail on how the Green Space Index is compiled.



Commentary and responses

Interested in learning more about the Green Space Index as well as hearing what others have had to say about its findings? We've collated a selection of commentary and responses to help you delve deeper and discover the stories behind the numbers!

Headline findings:
Analysis of the main findings of this year's Green Space Index

The ten-minute walk:
Why measure it and why ten-minutes?

"Throughout the pandemic the huge value of green spaces to local communities has been underlined, and going forward parks should be embraced as an important part of our collective recovery. The Green Space Index will provide a key tool for Local Authorities to identify inequity of access to green spaces, and to protect them for communities now and in the future."

HRH The Prince of Wales KG KT,
President, Fields in Trust

HRH The Prince of Wales at the launch of the Green Space Index in 2021



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