Finding parks with specific facilities

Local parks range from small areas of open green space to extensive destinations which include facilities to keep the whole family entertained all day long.

Our Fields Finder helps you to find spaces nearby with are protected with Fields in Trust. Each protected space has its own dedicated page with more information about the space where we endeavour to provide as much detail as we can about the facilities you will find at the space. If you find that any information about a space is inaccurate please get in touch and let us know so we can help others in your community who are wanting to find out more about their local green spaces.

Sadly only 6% of the UK's parks and green spaces are protected, meaning much loved local places remain vulnerable to loss and development. Find out what Fields in Trust protection is and how you can help achieve it for your favourite local green spaces.

If you are planning a trip to the park and have already decided where you'd like to visit then local authorities will usually provide information about what you can expect to find at the space on their website. Try searching their website using the park's name if you can’t find the information easily.

The park may also have a Friends of group whose website or social media will tell you more about what you can find at the space as well as any upcoming events or meetings they are organising. You can find out more about Friends of groups through the National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces.

If you know what you'd like to do but aren't sure where to go then many national governing bodies will have the ability to search for local facilities on their websites. For example, the Pitch Finder tool from the Football Foundation allows you to search over 50,000 football pitches nationwide. The LTA website allows you to search for tennis courts nearby and tells you the type of court and any additional facilities available. Skateboard England, meanwhile, have published an app which maps every skatepark in the UK.