Searching for parks near me

Local green spaces are varied in nature and can include: parks, playing fields, play areas, public gardens and nature reserves.

If you're looking for parks and green spaces close by, our online Fields Finder is a great place to start. Simply enter your postcode and the Fields Finder will display green spaces nearby which are protected in perpetuity with Fields in Trust. We protect over 2,800 parks and green spaces across the UK meaning there's a good chance there's one local to you!

Most local parks and green spaces are owned by local authorities. You can find your local council website using the postcode search and their website will usually include a page listing the parks and green spaces under their remit. Try searching their website for "parks" if it isn't immediately obvious where to find the information.

If you live within a town, parish or community council area then they may also own and manage parks and green spaces locally so try their website as well.

Larger spaces and ones with national significance or status, such as national and regional nature reserves, national parks and areas of outstanding national beauty are listed on the website.

Ordnance Survey publish a Greenspace map which displays a variety of types of green space. We use this data as the basis for our annual Green Space Index. Alternatively, you can also try looking at maps of your local area which will often highlight areas of green space. A search for "parks nearby" on an online mapping service such as Google Maps or Bing Maps will show a selection of the major parks and green spaces close to where you are.