Fields in Trust plaques for protected spaces

All green spaces protected with Fields in Trust receive a plaque, which can be displayed at a suitable location within the park to denote its protected status. The below information is applicable to Green Spaces for Good plaques issued from 2018 onwards.

If you are a landowner with a green space protected under a different programme and you would like advice or information related to its plaque, please get in touch using our online contact form.



About your plaque

Your plaque is handmade in England from FSC certified sustainable softwood. It is treated with a water-based wood preservative with graphics in-filled with paint designed to flex with the natural movement of the wood.


Positioning your plaque

For maximum longevity, position your plaque to be north facing, avoiding direct sunlight. This will help avoid fluctuations in temperature. Locate in a sheltered position, away from prevailing weather conditions. In coastal locations make sure your plaque is sheltered from salt spray. It should be mounted upright or at a steep enough angle to allow precipitation to flow freely from the surface.



Below are some general instructions for installing your plaque. We advise seeking professional advice to ensure your plaque remains secure and water is not allowed to become trapped at the back of your plaque.

Your plaque is supplied with a fixing kit consisting of:

  • 5mm x 50mm posi screws
  • Rubber backwashers
  • Rawlplugs (wall fixing)
  • Wood cover plugs finished to plaque colour


Installation instructions:

  1. Pre-drill the plaque with a 5mm wood drill bit. For an invisible finish, drill out a 11.5mm recess for the wooden cover plugs.
  2. For wall fixing, drill with a 7mm masonry drill bit and insert rawlplug in wall.
  3. For wooden post fixing, drill with a 3mm drill bit.
  4. If the surface you are attaching to is uneven, place washer over screws at the back of the plaque.
  5. Tighten screw into plug until tight.
  6. Tap in wooden plug flush with face, for an invisible fixing.

Diagram showing instructions for fixing plaque to surfaces


Ongoing maintenance

Very little maintenance is required. Simply keep your plaque clean by regularly wiping with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive pads or chemical cleaners. Do not allow algae or moss to build up on the plaque - this will result in rapid deterioration.