Sporting Mix

If a landowner of a space protected with us wants to install a new sporting facility, such as a skatepark, this is not something that requires our consent. The majority of spaces protected with us are protected as "a public playing field and recreation ground" which means that the actual facilities provided and any changes over time are down to the landowner. Similarly, if a landowner decides to remove a facility for a specific sport, such as a football pitch, this is also their decision. Fields in Trust recognise that local needs change over time and that landowners are best placed to manage local requirements.

However, if a site is protected as a "cricket ground" then it must always be a cricket ground. In this case if the cricket pitch was removed, this would be a change of use and is subject to our Field Change Request procedure.

We request that landowners inform us of any changes to sport and recreational facilities on protected sites so that we can keep our records up-to-date. If a landowner is unsure about whether a proposed change to a protected site requires our Trustees’ consent or not, there is more information on our Field Change Request page.