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Policy: A missed opportunity to make planning work for health and wellbeing

8th September 2023

In his latest blog, our Policy and Communications Officer, Maxwell Patterson, reflects on the recent amendments made to the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill in the House of Lords.

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PROTECT: Fields in Trust and The City of Edinburgh Council join forces to protect green spaces for good

9th February 2023

A reception at the Scottish Parliament last night focused on the need to protect more of Edinburgh's green spaces for good and asked local businesses and communities across the capital to get involved to help this happen.

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PROTECT: Let's come together to protect Liverpool's fields forever

24th March 2022

We were delighted to discuss with Liverpool City Council and Liverpool Park Friends Forum the latest progress in delivering their bold green space vision, along with ways everyone in the community can get involved.

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PROTECT: Wrexham agreement set to ensure 300 protected spaces in Wales

22nd March2022

The number of parks and green spaces legally protected forever in Wales is set to hit the 300 mark after Wrexham County Borough Council took the next step in protecting ten country parks.

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ENVIRONMENT: Highlighting the need to protect local parks for people and planet

12th November 2021

Following the launch of our ParkXtinction campaign earlier this week, Helen Griffiths reflects on the COP26 summit and importance of taking local climate action through robust legal protection of green spaces which will last in perpetuity.

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ENVIRONMENT: Taking local climate action now to protect endangered green spaces

5th November 2021

In her latest blog our Chief Executive, Helen Griffiths, sets out how local action to protect parks can benefit both people and the planet.

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PROTECT: Wrexham set to expand to 37 number of protected green spaces

14th October 2021

Residents in Wrexham will benefit from 37 local parks and green spaces which are protected for good after Wrexham County Borough Council agreed plans to secure the future of ten country parks.

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PROTECT: Liverpool City Council makes pioneering commitment to protect all parks and green spaces forever

19th March 2021

Liverpool City Council has made a first-of-its-kind commitment to protect all the city's parks and green spaces in perpetuity with Fields in Trust, ensuring they can never be sold off or build on.

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POLICY: Acting on the evidence

9th October 2020

In our latest blog Policy Manager, Alison McCann, looks at impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and explains how we are working to act on the evidence and protect parks and green spaces for good for the communities who need them the most.

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PROTECT: Dundee students raising funds to support protection of local spaces

1st October 2020

Work to protect parks and green spaces for good in Dundee received a boost recently thanks to the fundraising efforts of students at the city’s Morgan Academy.

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PROTECT: Scottish capital latest to boost local activity levels through Active Spaces

4th March 2020

Residents in Edinburgh are the latest to feel the benefits of Fields in Trust’s Active Spaces programme. Two green spaces have been protected in perpetuity by The City of Edinburgh Council under the scheme.

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PROTECT: Latest benefits of Active Spaces felt in Northern Ireland

20th February 2020

The latest benefits of Fields in Trust’s Active Spaces programme are being felt in Northern Ireland, following the opening of a new trim trail at The People’s Park in Ballymena.

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PROTECT: Century of green spaces protected for good in 2019

24th December 2019

Over the course of 2019 our work has led to another 101 parks and green spaces across the UK gaining legal protection in perpetuity.

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PROTECTING OUR PARKS: A legal perspective on protecting parks and green spaces

8th September 2019

Our penultimate Summer of Parks staff blog comes from our Solicitor, Stanka Dimova, who shares a legal perspective on our work to protect green spaces for good.

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PROTECTING OUR PARKS: Strategic protection of Glasgow’s Dear Green Space

6th September 2019

Our latest spotlight shines on Glasgow City Council and looks at how they used evidence to show them where they needed to act in protecting parks and green spaces for the benefit of the city's residents.

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PROTECTING OUR PARKS: What is Fields in Trust protection and what does it mean?

2nd September2019

Fields in Trust has been protecting recreational land ever since our founding in 1925. Just what do we mean when we say a space is 'protected' though? How can it be achieved? What does it do?

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HEALTH AND WELLBEING: St. Helens’ Sutton Park is an Active Space for the community

30th August 2019

This week's Summer of Parks spotlight shines of Sutton Park in St. Helens and how our Active Spaces programme has helped people improve their health and wellbeing in an area identified as having high levels of inactivity.

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16th August 2019

This week's Summer of Parks spotlight shines on Sherwood Cricket Club in Kent, who have used Fields in Trust protection to secure their home ground and ensure organised sporting activity in Rochester is safeguarded for future generations.

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SPORTING JOURNEYS: Spotlight on Cregagh Green

12th July 2019

Spotlight on Cregagh Green in Belfast, where George Best first kicked a football as a youngster and now protected in perpetuity as an Active Space.

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FRIENDS OF GROUPS: Spotlight on Friends of Newton Park

5th July 2019

This week our Summer of Parks shines the spotlight on the Friends of Newton Park in Trafford, Greater Manchester and how their efforts resulted in the park being protected in perpetuity.

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PROTECT: 80 years on from the first King George’s Field

16th July 2018

Today, 16th July, marks the 80th anniversary of the legal protection of King George V Playing Field in Sonning, Berkshire, identified as "the first field" of the 471 contained within the Final Report of the King George's Fields Foundation.

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INSIGHTS: Unveiling Green Space Insights, a study of six locations and their green spaces

25th October 2023

Our new collection of case studies ‘Green Space Insights’ captures some of Field In Trust's collaborations with councils and local communities to protect our green spaces for good.

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PROTECT: Five decades of sporting memories protected forever in South Tyneside

3rd February 2023

A green space in the South Tyneside village of Cleadon has been protected forever to ensure it will always be there for the community to use and enjoy.

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