To mark just how much we've all valued our amazing local parks and green spaces this year we're collaborating with parkrun UK and inviting you to share with us the many ways you've used and enjoyed them in 2020.

Perhaps your local green space has been a place to stay active, to unwind and have fun, to escape to nature, or to stay socially connected whilst physically distanced. These spaces are #notjust parks, they are valuable assets for our communities, they benefit our physical and mental health and wellbeing, and they are vital ecosystems in our urban jungles. They are different things to different people. But for all of us they are good, they do good, and they need to be protected for good.


Share your stories

We want to know how you have been using and valuing your local parks and green spaces this year. Whether you share a selfie or a velfie, you post it to Twitter or send it to us direct, let us know why your local green space is #notjust a park to you!

Think about your local park
Reflect on your visits to the space this year and what it has meant to you. Think about how you'd feel if it hadn't been there for you.

Shoot a selfie or short video
Find or take a selfie of yourself in the park, or record a short video sharing your story of why the space means so much.

Post using #notjust
Share your story on social media using #notjust, or if you'd prefer you can send us your content using the information here.

Tag four friends
As you post on social media, tag in four friends and ask them to share why their park has been #notjust a park for them this year.


See what others are doing

Our local green spaces are #notjust a park partly because of the wide variety of ways they are used and loved by people across the country. As well as sharing your own story you can get involved by exploring how others are championing their parks this winter.

Helen's blog
Find out about #notjust in this blog from our Chief Executive, Helen Griffiths.

Your stories
See what others are posting and join the conversation by searching #notjust.


More ways to get involved

We've all revalued what our local parks mean to us this year but despite this, green spaces continued to come under threat of imminent loss. It is up to all of us to take action to stem the cycle of disappearance and decline to help ensure everyone has a high quality, protected park or green space within a ten-minute walk of where they live. Here are some simple next steps you can take to make a difference today.

Get even more social
Posted using #notjust? Great! Why not follow @FieldsInTrust and @parkrunUK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

Explore your local area
Do you know where your nearest Fields in Trust protected space and your local parkrun event is? Explore our websites to find out!

Plan your resolution
It's never too early to plan your resolution to be more active in 2021. Why not plot a 5k route which takes in as many local parks as you can?

Watch over your local parks
How would you feel if your local park were no longer there? Check out Watch This Space for more things you can do to help prevent that becoming a reality.



About Fields in Trust

Fields in Trust is an independent charity with over 90 years’ experience protecting parks and green spaces. We work with landowners, community groups and policymakers to champion the value of our parks and green spaces to achieve better protection for their future at both local and national level.


About parkrun

parkrun is a UK based charity supporting in excess of 350,000 people to take part in free, socially-focused, 5k events every weekend in public areas of open space (pre-pandemic). The first parkrun took place on 2 October 2004 with 13 runners and 5 volunteers in London's Bushy Park, there are now more than 2,000 parkrun events taking place in 21 countries. More than 6,500,000 people have registered for parkrun and over half a million people have volunteered worldwide.


Green spaces are good and do good. We protect them for good

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