Fields in Trust protect land through a Deed of Dedication (or Minute of Agreement in Scotland). It's a robust yet flexible way to do it and this legally binding document ensures each space is protected for future generations to enjoy. You can find out more about what protection is and what it does in our handy guide.

"Until now, I've always considered we are custodians of green space that belongs to our children. But it's becoming clear that it is far more than that. It's also about biodiversity, our climate, our environment, or physical and mental health, our own space we all need be it for time out, socialising or 'social distancing' and much more."

Roy Wilson, Eden District Council

People enjoying their park


How do I get a Deed of Dedication?

Only the landowner can apply to protect a green space. This can be any landowner including sports clubs, private individuals and local authorities. The below video provides a quick introduction to the eight-step process a green space goes through on its journey to becoming protected in perpetuity.

We can protect your green space for good as long as it meets our minimum criteria. Protecting your space with us means it will be safe forever. For more information take a look at our guide to what protection is.

As well as using our six-step eligibility checker below, if you're planning on submitting an application to protect your green space for good you may wish to refer to our helpful guidance notes for more information on what the application process involves.


Start the journey to protecting your green space for good

Find out if you’re ready to submit an application to protect your park or green space with our six-step eligibility checker.


I'm not a landowner, what can I do?

Contact your elected representatives and ask them to protect your local parks and green spaces with Fields in Trust.


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