Through our social media platforms we hope to provide a space where everyone is welcome to discuss matters relating to our nation’s parks and green spaces as well as make comments and ask questions about our work. These guidelines are in place to help create a safe and positive environment on social media channels run by Fields in Trust to encourage such discussions.

Alongside the terms of service of the relevant social media network, the guidelines set out below apply to any user engaging with us or any fellow users on our social media channels and by using these channels you agree to follow these guidelines.

Comments must not:

  • Contain language or imagery with is hateful, offensive, threatening, abusive, obscene or inflammatory or promote sexually explicit content or violence
  • Make unsubstantiated claims or accusations
  • Promote any form of discrimination
  • Be in breach of any terms of the social media platform on which it is posted
  • Be irrelevant or unintelligible
  • Contain advertising or promotion of services

Fields in Trust reserve the right to make judgement on whether comments posted on our social media platforms are in contravention of these guidelines and if they are deemed to be so to take action accordingly. We reserve the right to hide or delete comments and block users from our platforms, as well as report content to the relevant social media network.

We also reserve the right to pass any comments to the relevant law enforcement body should we feel necessary or the law mandate as such.

This policy was last updated in April 2019.