Friends of groups are vital parts of green space communities, contributing so much to ensure our parks are beautiful places for all to visit and enjoy. These groups are made up of hard-working volunteers who love their local parks and help share their passion by organising events, helping with maintenance and by generally making the space a brilliant place to be.


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Take a moment to thank Friends of groups near you for all the voluntary work they do for local parks and green spaces.

One Small Thing
One Small ThingThis week we're asking you to try and find out if your local park or green space has a Friends of group. If it does then see if they have any events coming up that you could go along to. If it doesn't then later on this week we'll have some tips from the National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces, the umbrella organisation for Friends of groups across the UK, on establishing a group.


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Our latest guest blog welcomes Sarah Royal from the National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces, who shares her top ten tips on establishing a Friends of group.

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Summer fayre
Summer fayre

Find out more about how Future Proof Parks, which we're partnering with Groundwork and The National Youth Agency on, is supporting Friends of groups and local young people to work together on heritage park projects.

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Wednesday Wisdom


Thursday Throwback

This week our Summer of Parks shines the spotlight on the Friends of Newton Park in Trafford, Greater Manchester, celebrating their work and telling the story of how their support resulted in the park being protected in perpetuity.

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Summer fayre
Park picnic

For Have a Field Day and with around a fifth of the 250 plus registered events being hosted by Friends of groups, we take a look at how these groups are celebrating around the UK.

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In our latest staff blog, David Sharman discusses the invaluable role that Friends of groups play in our nation's parks and green spaces.

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