This week our 'Summer of Parks' is discussing the informal communities that are created by parks and green spaces. Whether it's saying hello to a fellow dog walker, seeing your child playing with others or having a chat on a park bench, our local green spaces bring us together and help foster stronger, more cohesive communities.


Get involved this week

This week is all about celebrating coming together at our local parks and green spaces. Why not start a conversation with someone in the park this week - a park bench is a great place to chat!

Don't forget to also join in the conversation on social media - the 'Summer of Parks' is taking place across @FieldsInTrust so get involved and let us know what you think!

One Small Thing
One Small ThingHave a Field Day is our annual celebration of our parks and green spaces, taking place on the first Saturday in July each year. Do one small thing this week by planning a Have a Field Day picnic at your local park or green space for Saturday 6th July. Make sure you register it to receive your free support pack through the post.


Discover this week

Mel, one of the participants in the Active Spaces programme at Western Road Recreation Ground in Hailsham, East Sussex, explains how regular fitness sessions in their local park have brought community members together.

Have a Field Day is about bringing people together on local parks and green spaces. Discover picnics already registered as taking place on Saturday 6th July and don't forget to do one small thing this week by planning your picnic and registering it online to receive your support pack through the post!

Wednesday Wisdom


Throwback Thursday

A focus on one champion who has dedicated himself to bringing people together: Norman McCarley from the Friends of Brynmill Park in Swansea.

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Norman McCarley
Community picnic

Have a Field Day is about getting out and enjoying our local parks and green spaces. Here's eight ideas for your Have a Field Day that you can also get others involved with!

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In the second on this summer's staff blogs, Angela Lewis reflects on joining an Active Spaces session in Hailsham and discusses how parks bring people together and create informal communities.

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Active Spaces participants


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