The support of trusts and foundations makes it possible for us to develop our work with landowners, policymakers and park user groups to ensure parks and green spaces are protected in perpetuity.


How Trusts and Foundations can help

Our Green Spaces for Good strategy is ambitious but our many supporters have demonstrated they believe in our cause and are contributing to the achievement of our key charitable objectives:

  1. Protect a park or green space within a 10-minute walk of 75% of the UK population by 2022;
  2. Develop spatial analysis tools to support the operational team of six Development Managers in their discussions with landowners about protecting parks and green spaces;
  3. Apply our Revaluing Parks and Green Spaces research which quantifies the value of individual parks in terms of the health and wellbeing benefits they provide to the local population;
  4. Identify which local authorities meet the benchmark standards for provision of parks and green space outlined in our Guidance for Outdoor Sport and Play and identify geographical areas with a deficiency of community green space;
  5. Provide a platform for concerned individuals and community groups to register parks and green spaces under threat.


Our Impact

Nearly 3,000 parks and green spaces protected since 1925

Around 250 events per year as part of Have a Field Day

Nearly 300 local authorities engaged with us

Over 10,000 Knowledge Base articles accessed per year


Case Studies

Find out more about our work with the Lord's Taverners and the Swire Charitable Trust.

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Our Supporters

Our supporters include but are not limited to:

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Get in touch

Fields in TrustFor more information or to discuss how your trust or foundation can work with us, please get in touch with our Fundraising team:

t: 020 7427 2110