Our nation's parks and green spaces are valued green hearts and lungs of our communities: bringing people together, building social cohesion and helping us to feel physically and mentally well.

Sadly, these endangered spaces continue to be threatened with imminent loss. It is up to all of us to act to stem the decline and disappearance of our nation's cherished parks and green spaces.

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Watch This Space is available to explore as an interactive online resource, with versions available which reflect the different planning systems across the Home Nations.





Watch This Space contains links to other resources both from Fields in Trust and elsewhere to support your efforts to champion and support your local green space. Thus, whilst a printed version may be useful, it will not connect to these further resources.

Watch This Space

"As soon as the letter dropped through the letter box notifying us of an application for development, a small group of residents put a note through all of our neighbour's doors asking them to get involved in fighting the threat... this prompt action was crucial in organising a coordinated campaign against the proposal".
Resident on a threat to a local green space

How to watch your space

By the time a threat to your local park or green space emerges, it may already be too late. Showing that you value your green spaces and use them frequently is an important element of their long-term protection and sustainability. It is for this reason that Watch This Space is split into three sections:

Step One:
Love your local park

Communities using and getting more involved in their green spaces is the best way to show how much they are valued and the best way for us all to stay physically and mentally well.

Step Two:
Watch over your green space

If you are concerned about how your local park is being managed for the long-term it is worth looking out for developments that might affect the space as well as taking steps to protect it.

Step Three:
Organise a campaign

As soon as you discover a park or green space in your neighbourhood is under threat from development it is important to move quickly, find out the details and get others involved.


About Fields in Trust

Fields in Trust is an independent charity with over 90 years’ experience protecting parks and green spaces. We work with landowners, community groups and policy makers to champion the value of our parks and green spaces to achieve better protection for their future at both local and national level.

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